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Step into our visual journey at Swartberg Private Game Lodge. From stunning drone captures to intimate snapshots of wildlife, luxurious rooms, and gourmet dishes, each image in our gallery tells a story of the serene and majestic experiences that await. Witness the enchanting beauty of nightfall, the elegance of our premises, and the vibrant life surrounding us, offering a glimpse into your next escape.

Swartberg Private Game Lodge Google Reviews

We went there for dinner and it was brilliant. The food was very well prepared and presented. The atmosphere was great, and everyone was friendly. Highly recommend
I do an Adventure Motorcycle Tour in South Africa every year with a group of riders from the USA and The Swartberg Private Game Lodge is by far the most enjoyed stop on our tour.
The accommodation, food, animals, the game viewing and personnel are without equal!!
It is the high point of my South African tour every year.
For me personally it is my yearly detox from all the daily stress that we have to live with every day.
Thank you guys, I'll be back for more!!
This place is fantastic! Leon, the owner, took us all over the property and we got to see all kinds of wildlife: Besbok, Bontebok, Elan, Giraffe, Impala, Jackal, Kudu, Letchwe, Nyala, Oryx, Red Hartebeest, Rietbok, Springbok, Tortoise, Waterbok, Zebra. There is one leopard but we never spotted it. Leon is extremely knowledgeable about nature and spent a lot of time telling us all about it. The staff is wonderful as well. The rooms are great and the setting is idyllic. I highly recommend this place if you love nature and the outdoors. It is also motorcycle friendly. We rode a short distance from the lodge to the beautiful Swartberg Pass.
Recharging the soul's batteries in comfort close to nature.
SERENE , Tranquil, nature at its best !!

Pure bliss, stunning accommodation and views and amazing and friendly staff
Beautiful setting with luxury rooms and a spectacular view. I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys nature and would like to relax and recharge their batteries.
Life can really become extremely busy and stressful. You can become distracted from what the world has to offer. This place has some magical ability to help show you just how beautiful the world and life is. It helps you to reset and restore your energy. Whether you stay for 1 or 7 nights, you will leave feeling happier and well rested to tackle to world again.

Don't miss this opportunity. Swartberg was my greatest ever discovery.

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